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Whydonate makes online fundraising easy and accessible for individuals and causes all over the world.
“Happy Aging Foundation organized a walker race to collect money. The campaign was a great success and the goal was achieved!”
Happy Aging Foundation
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Online fundraising platform
Whydonate offers an online fundraising platform where you can start a crowdfunding campaign, peer to peer or team event fundraiser.
Mobile app
Keep an eye on your fundraiser while on the move, with the Whydonate mobile app.
Donation button plugin for WordPress
Raise money online on your WordPress website using our donation button plugin. Free installation within a couple of minutes.
Collectin Digital Collection Box
The Whydonate donation terminal device enables on-the-go fundraising with the option for donors in your area/social circle to pay directly via credit/debit cards.
Every 10 seconds someone is making a difference Every 10 seconds someone is making a difference Join the group of 320292 donors and 11192 fundraisers in countries all over the world.

Start a new fundraiser to raise money for your loved ones or cause you care for.

Find the cause you care for and make a one-time or recurring donation.

Why is Whydonate the right platform for you?

0% platform fee

Whydonate charges 0% platform costs and no subscription costs. There are only standard costs for payment processing of iDeal, Bancontact, Credit card and Paypal.

Customer support

Facing a problem? Our customer support team is always ready to help, every step of the way.

Responsive design

The pages are optimized to provide an optimum look on all devices, such as desktop, tablet or mobile.


The comprehensive dashboard provides a one-stop view of all your fundraisers, donor and payout data.


In addition to your own network, reach 175,000+ donors and 100,000+ visitors a month on Whydonate.

Live within minutes

Create an account and start online fundraising within minutes.

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Whydonate makes online fundraising easy and accessible for causes and individuals all over the world. 0% platform fee, so let's start.