Fundraising tips & tricks

Make the most out of your fundraiser

On the Whydonate platform, you will find only the best of fundraisers. We understand very well that as a fundraiser you believe that your charity should receive the most donations. That is why we have a number of tips & tricks to raise money and set up an even more successful fundraiser.

Tip 1

The importance of a good story

You don’t just start an action for a good cause. You only do that if you yourself are convinced that the action is worthwhile. By starting an action, you actually want others to share your opinion to facilitate donations.

Make sure that there is as much as possible to share. Be careful when filling in your profile and do not forget to upload a number of relevant photos. Photos are important, they appeal to the imagination. Also tell your whole story.

Let the potential donors know why this promotion is so important and tell what will be done with the money from the donations. People like to know exactly what will happen with their donation. That gives them a sense of commitment and makes your fundraising online a success.

Trick: Do not hesitate and make a personal video of yourself, in which you once again explain why this action is so important. It’s just possible with your smartphone!

Tip 2

Be the first donor

In general, donors are somewhat reluctant to be the first to make a donation. So set a good example and make the first donation yourself. When determining the amount of this donation, keep in mind that you set the tone. Another good “money raising tip”! Donors tend to join previous donations.

Also make sure to leave a message in the comment section after making your own donation, so that you can see who made the donation. This way you get a nice and above all interesting page that a donor will not easily pass by. That gives you a better chance of receiving gifts.


Tip 3

Plan well

By approaching friends and family before you put your promotion online with the question if they want to support your charity, you have a flying start. Because if you know 10 to 15 donors for your promotion that immediately make a donation on the first day, chances are that your promotion will be a success.

The figures show that when you receive 80% of gifts within 5 days, you have 5 times the chance of achieving 100%. Pages that start slowly reach 100% much less often.

So make use of our fundraising tips to do everything to ensure that your fundraising online becomes a success.

Tip 4

Spread the word!

Let as many people as possible know that you have started fundraising online for a good cause. Motivate friends and family to share your page with everyone, after all, you don’t ask for it, but for charity.

Once the ball starts rolling properly, chances are that you will also reach donors who fall outside your “group of friends”. If they also start sharing your page again, you have the chance that your promotion will go very quickly.

Make sure that everyone is kept informed of the state of affairs and share the updates and your page every week through as many channels as possible, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

You can also send a press release in the hope that it will be posted. Newspapers and other media are often charmed by free content. This offers you the opportunity to receive extra gifts. Depending on the target group you want to reach, you send that to the local or national media.

Also don’t forget to use the other fundraising tips on this page. This way your fundraising online will be easier and you will receive gifts more easily.

Trick: If you use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to share your promotional page, it is much more personal than other online channels.

Tip 5

The power of repetition

People are creatures of habit, who actually have to get used to everything first. Just think of the phrase “You have to learn to eat it,” or a new song, which we will only appreciate after we have heard it a few times.

The same applies to fundraising online. Many donors will not immediately feel called to make a donation when they see a message about your promotion for the first time.

So if you want to collect donations, then it is important that you use the power of repetition in addition to our fundraising tips. The best thing to do is not to send the same message every time, but do this in the form of updates, for example. This way you have a good chance that your fundraising online will result in receiving gifts for charity.


Trick: Thank all your donors personally via e-mail. In that e-mail, immediately ask if they would like to share your page with their network. Then place “direct share” links in the e-mail, to make their task easier.

Tip 6

Online & offline

You can also search for potential donors for your promotion outside of your online network. Simply offline. Check whether there are perhaps organizations or communities in your area that can help you with fundraising. Examples of such organizations: Rotary, Lions Club and BNI.

Can they not do anything for you? Then ask if they might want to inform their network about your fundraising online. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! After all, it is about receiving gifts for a good cause. Also don’t skip the local shopkeeper and the football club canteen. Maybe you can hang a flyer of your promotion there.

Trick: Have something to celebrate? Instead of a gift, ask for a donation on your fundraiser page. Or ask if the gift may be the sharing of your page with the generous donors’ networks!

Fundraising Tips & Tricks

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