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Donate button plugin for your WordPress website

With the Whydonate donate button plugin you can easily collect money through your own website. Install the online donation module in just a few minutes and adjust the donate button and the form to your own branding. Your website visitors can then make a one-time and periodic donation via various national and international payment methods (such as iDeal, Credit card, PayPal, VISA, Bancontact, Sofort, etc.). The donation will be fully completed on your website.
Supported payment methods
Choose the way you donate
Receive donations from all over the world with the most common national and international payment methods.
Extensive and easy to install
Get more out of your crowdfunding campaign with our donate button.
Setup a donate button on your WordPress site within minutes! Install now.
Set Up Mannual
Set up plugin in three simple steps
1. Install the plugin
2. Create a donation widget
3. Add it to your website
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