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Collect Donations
Anytime and Anywhere

This user-friendly device that makes fundraising simpler and easier.The device is currently available only to residents of Netherlands.


Collectin Features

Quick & Easy setup

On Whydonate‘s user-friendly platform, you can create your fundraising page within minutes!

Easy & secure money transactions

Our secure payment options ensure that all donations are processed safely.

No risk of fraud or theft

With cashless transactions, your money is no longer liable to theft or fraud. Each month, the amount collected will be sent directly to your bank account.

More donors and donations

High conversion rate

With an always accessible device with easy payment options, potential donors are more likely to donate to your cause.

Higher average donation per gift

As people tend to spend more in cashless transactions than cash payments, the average donation you receive could be significantly higher.

Insights on data

Easy Donation Insights

All the information you need regarding donations you need to receive is readily available on the dashboard.

Online donations

No more counting cash

Keep track of all the donations received easily on your dashboard.

Easy setup

How it works

Direct Delivery

What are you waiting for? Place an order now to receive the device and start collecting donations.
You will receive the donations within 2-3 business days after placing the order.

Price Plan


Starting at

€ 5.00/day


Minimum of 12 months

€ 30/month


Per piece



Digital Collectin box is helping great causes reach more supporters more efficiently


Why is Whydonate the right platform for you?

0% platform fee

Whydonate charges 0% platform costs and no subscription costs. There are only standard costs for payment processing of Credit card and Paypal, iDeal, Bancontact etc.

Customer support

Facing a problem? Our customer support team is always ready to help, every step of the way.

Responsive design

The pages are optimized to provide an optimum look on all devices, such as desktop, tablet or mobile.


The comprehensive dashboard provides a one-stop view of all your fundraisers, donor and payout data.


In addition to your own network, reach 250,000+ donors and 1,000,000+ visitors a month on Whydonate.

Live within minutes

Create an account and start online fundraising within minutes.

Direct payouts (coming soon)

Request an immediate payout of the donations or wait for the automated monthly payout. Whydonate pays out donations to more than 50 countries.

Custom branding

Add your own custom branding and content to fundraisers, donation forms and emails. 


Whydonate makes sure your donations and data are secure. The data is stored encrypted and all payments are secured by licensed payment institutions.


Start a Fundraiser

Whydonate makes online fundraising easy and accessible for causes and individuals all over the world. 0% platform fee, so let’s start.

Start a Fundraiser


How it works:

If you are creating a standalone fundraiser,
we will ask you for the bank details to which the donations may be

Note: donations are transferred monthly around
15th of the following month.

Team or connected
event fundraiser

How it works:

You can create Connect Fundraiser to support existing fundraisers.

Search for an existing fundraiser and click the ‘Connect fundraiser’ button on that

Tip: You can create an unlimited number of layers of connected
fundraisers. So for example: Charity > Fundraising Event > Team page >
Individual participant. You then have 4 layers of connected fundraisers.