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A fully integrated fundraising solution Integrate with your own software systems No more manual data importing. Whydonate offers a fully integrated fundraising solution. Connect with 2000+ systems including email and CRM services. Start a fundraiser Start a Fundraiser Standalone Fundraiser Start…
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No money to plan a funeral?

Losing a loved one is heartbreaking. The person may have died peacefully in their old age or suffered through a painful illness. Even a sudden incident like a cardiac arrest or an accident is inevitable. No matter what the cause,…
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Collect money for someone else?

It is often those people you do not expect that turn out to be in more trouble than you thought. They are always ready for everyone and you never hear them complain. Probably because they are afraid that they will…
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Here are three ways you can help to change world

Start a new fundraiser to raise money for your loved ones or cause you care for.
Find the cause you care for and make a one-time or recurring donation.